Off Track

Garage door maintenance to prevent the problem of off track garage door

Though all the people consider having a garage, but only a few of them give a little attention towards the working of garage door. No doubt that you are not going to repair the garage door on your own, but you must be aware of the various parts that your garage door is having and how each of these parts works. Only then you will be able to ensure the proper maintenance of your garage door and its various parts.

However, are you aware that how your garage door rises and gets lowered again into the exact place and position. Many of you may not know the reason. So, let us tell you that the upward and downward moment of the garage door is guided by the tracks. As these tracks keep the door into place, their regular maintenance is essential for the prevention of any serious issue. The lack of maintenance in the tracks can lead to the problem of garage door off track, so you are required to ensure their regular maintenance. Here, we are mentioning some tips for ensuring the proper maintenance of the garage door tracks.

  • Debris removal

The first thing you can ensure for preventing the problem of off track garage door is keeping your garage door tracks free from debris. It can be easily done by ensuring regular cleaning of the tracks. As this debris can result into the misalignment of the rollers, you are required to remove it before it can cause any defect to your garage door.

  • Lubrication

All the moving parts of the garage door need to be lubricated on timely basis to ensure flawless motion and rollers are one of those parts. The rollers move through the door tracks while the door is opened or closed. Thus, to ensure the seamless opening and closing of the garage door, you are required to lubricate these rollers along with keeping the tracks free from debris. Both these things will ensure to keep the rollers within the tracks and will protect your garage door from the costly garage door off track repair.

  • Checking the alignment

The garage door will work efficiently if the tracks are properly aligned, as they will guide the rollers. So, you must regularly check the alignment of your garage door tracks and should make any adjustment if necessary. What you need for aligning the tracks is just a hammer and a wooden block. It will take some time as you are required to do the adjustment until the tracks come back to their proper position.   

  • Regular inspection of the rollers

While inspecting your garage door, make sure that the rollers ride just in the center of the track. If they are riding off the center, then you must check the track alignment, door balance and should make the required adjustments.

Though the maintenance process is easy, but in addition to ensuring regular maintenance on your own, you must hire professional garage door service twice or thrice a year for the maintenance of your garage door.